America’s Next Popstar?

Mamma Mia is right!

Youtuber, Mia Rose, has an amazing voice. It’s outstanding, and possibly can get her far. With over 12,909,40 Youtube views, Mias clearly a hit. Mia not only has a lovely voice, she also has a loving heart. “Thanks to everyone who has listened to my music, I hope it continues to bring a smile to your face. I am touched by all the attention I have received here on YouTube! So come on, keep me company on my musical journey ahead! Lets have FUN!! Smile!
Love xx

Mia loves her fans, and maybe one day, she’ll have more.
She sings various genres of music, she’s done cover songs of pop stars like Michelle Branch and her hit “Everywhere,” even classic rocker, Bryan Adam’s “Heaven“. She even writes her own songs!

Want more of Mia Rose?!
Check out her:

©Written by Jesseca Lathrop


3 Responses to “America’s Next Popstar?”

  1. Mia’s a really good singer and I hope she becomes a famous singer one day because she definitely deserves it.


  2. very nice if i new who she was i bet i would like it i think u need to go in to more of a biography about but over all very nice

  3. She does have a nice voice. Good pick.

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