Eminem vs. Mariah & Nick

The fight between, rapper, Eminem (Marshal Mathers), singer, Mariah Carey and her husband, Nick Cannon, has been going on all year. Eminem had produced a song “The Warning” which was about him and Mariah’s breif relationship. The song threatened to expose nude pictures and voice mails that she had sent him. Mariah decided to join in by making a song called “Obsessed.” In the music video, a guy was stalking her, and that man was suppose to be “Eminem,”  Eminem wasn’t going to go unnoticed so in the album “Relapse” He produced the song “Bagpipes from Baghdad.” Husband, Nick Cannon,  came to Mariah’s side and stated that, “that homeboy” was still obsessed with his wife. Other people had commented that Eminem has always shown his true colors and Mariah and Nick should have known better to not “diss” him. What did they think would happen? People shouldn’t be surprised that Eminem is going this far in this war. Others are saying that Eminem should just learn how to get over it and just leave this couple alone. But who really knows where this war will lead.

©Written by Robert Merino


One Response to “Eminem vs. Mariah & Nick”

  1. I like your view on this fight between the two stars. I really am watching to see whats going to happen! Good Article Robert1

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